Thank you for submitting your project to the 2021 INSPIRE Conference.

Please follow the instructions below to help assist us with the conference and presentations running smoothly. 

Getting Started

  • You can find the time and session you were assigned to HERE
  • Poster Presenters: Be sure to upload a PDF version of your completed poster HERE no later than April 6
  • Using your assigned Zoom link, please log into the zoom session at least 10 minutes prior to the start time of your session. You should have your full name appear in your “window” for the moderator and attendees to see. If there is a problem, or your Moderator hasn’t signed on by 5 minutes before the session is set to start, email Amanda Jahnke Sauer.
  • Your Moderator will do a “roll call” to make sure all Presenters are ready to go.
  • At the beginning of the session, the Moderator will make a brief introduction, inform the attendees of the protocol for the session, and will then introduce the first speaker. 
  • If you wish to record your presentation to upload to UNIScholarworks (a UNI repository where others will be able to access it) or for your own use, let the Moderator know so they can record it for you.  

General Format

  • Posters:
Each presenter will do a screen share to show their poster and talk informally about their project for 3-5 minutes. Questions will follow. After all the presenters have described their posters, the Moderator can lead attendees and presenters through additional questions. Feel free to ask questions about other presenter’s work. You are an attendee too!
  • Oral presentations:
Each presenter will screen share during their talk if you have Powerpoint slides or other audiovisuals (otherwise you can just speak). Each presenter has 12 minutes for the presentation, and then there will be 3 minutes for questions from the audience or other presenters. 
  • Creative presentations:
The presenter will introduce their project and then share a link to a video in chat. After the video, the presenter will be available to answer questions (up to 12 minutes for presentation, 3 minutes for questions).

During Your Presentation

  • The Moderator will keep track of your time as you present. A warning around the two-minute and one-minute mark will be given to you via the chat function in Zoom. 
  • At the end of each presentation, the Moderator will have a call for questions.
  • Please be sure to attend the entire session. Poster sessions will last for thirty minutes and oral presentation sessions for one hour.